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A Press Conference has framed the start of the experimentation of HarDust, the new filtration system developed by Agt Engineering and Ansaldo Trasporti for the Solaris bus fleet of Conerobus, the Ancona (Marche) public bus operator.
Conerobus had equipped four of its buses with Hardust. Positioned on the bus roof, each HarDust is made of two filtration systems, each equipped with one PM10 and one PM2.5 filter panels, a water separator, a fan and sensors for flow and pressure loss. The buses will collect the nanoparticles in the city air, and will be remote monitored by the Agt Control Room in Roma. The systems will be tested for three months, in which they are expected to treat ab 4.5 Billion litres. The collected particles will be examined by the CNR Institute of Technologies for Sustainable Mobility. Depending on the trials results, the Conerobus President, Dr. Muzio Papaveri, has expressed interest to equip with the system all the company fleet.