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Mobile device to capture the fine and ultra fine dust in the atmosphere

HarDust is a self-contained system to capture the fine dust in the urban atmosphere: typically the PM 10, PM 2.5 and PM1 ejected by the Diesel engines.

HarDust  is in development together with Ansaldo Trasporti and Conerobus of Ancona, and will undertake testing starting in January 2021. Its aim is to allow the circulating vehicles to collect as much as particles as possible to clean the urban air. The HarDust filters will then be disposed, and the media recycled.


System to detect the frauds and losses on the electric distribution lines

EnerCop is an AI base algorithm for detecting the power losses on the utilities electric distribution lines, split in technical and non-technical (frauds) losses. It works on High, Medium and Low Voltage lines.

By monitoring the actual electrical absorption of the meters served by a transformer, EnerCop calculates the probabilities of losses and frauds for each user meter, alerting the utility when these exceed a given threshold.

EnerCop is offered as a product, embedded into the customer metering systems, or supplied as a turn-key service, run from the Customer or from the Agt laboratories.

EnerCop is patented internationally, and under testing by ENEL in Italy.

This is a product developed, patented and run by Agt Engineering and Liso Srl.


An ultralight, flexible thermal insulation material and line of systems

Low-K is a family of light and ultralight materials based on nanotechnology blankets, functionalised for thermal and acoustic insulation.

Low-K has been applied in F1 cars, and is currently used in the LMP1 (Le Mans) race vehicles in various areas, including engine bay and in the wheel/brake assy.


SGN is a family of electronic thermal regulators and temperature readers designed to control, command and maintain the temperature-related safety conditions in ballistic and advanced impact resistance transparencies, especially in cold and very cold climates.

Developed to solve a specific problem on a line of trains for SL (the Swedish Rail), SGN can be applied on any application where an accurate control of the temperature is necessary, and thermal probe signals are available.

Manufactured by the partner Labor Srl of Roma, SGN comes provided with standard ISO/DIN C-Rail fitment for a quick installation and replacement.


Quick, dry installation and removal system for railcar windows

FFF is a a quick installation and removal dry system for rail passenger windows based on the application of Velcro-type technologies.

Invented and patented by Agt Engineering, FFF has been developed together with 42 Technologies of St Ives, Cambridgeshire, UK after winning the Alstom Grand Challenge for Innovation in 2016, held at the London Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

FFF is subject to industrial evaluation for the use on light rail passenger cars and vehicles.

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