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In February Jangsu Tie Mao Glass, whose partner in Europe is Agt Engineering, has been named finalist in the Siemens Transportation 2020 Best Supplier Award. Tie Mao supplies Siemens with the passenger windows for the platforms Mireo, Desiro, Avenio, OBB DANI. The Tie Mao relationship with Siemens has brilliantly survived the pandemics problems with ho delays in the delivieries, in spite of the problems in shipping from China, thank also to the recent start of a Tie Mao warehouse in Krefeld. By the end of 2021 the Companies plan to restart the meetings in China, qualifying the new windows factory built in Hai’an, inclusive of an inhouse facility to manufacture aluminum frames. Agt Engineering is especially proud to take care of the activities of Tie Mao in Europe, gearing up for a substantial expansion as soon as the Covid-19 problems will be behind our shoulders.