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Meccano is an applied research project for the development of two hybrid electric and hydrogen fuelled vehicles.

Within Meccano, Agt engineering has designed and manufactured an innovative air conditioning and heating system, especially suitable for full electric vehicles, using an innovative nanopolymeric membrane.

The system ensures energy savings exceeding 30% while retaining similar design requirements in terms of size and weight.

Meccano is a Research Project financed by the Italian Ministry of Industries for Sustainable Mobility.


The Project Leader is CRF (Centro Ricerche Fiat). The Agt Engineering partners are the Dept. of Enterprise of the Faculty of Enginering of the Roma – Tor Vergata University, and Labor Srl.




SeaKers is a system designed to harvest the kinetic energy transferred to a boat by the waves movement, and convert it into electric energy to charge the power batteries on board of sailboats.

SeaKers has been funded by the European Union under the FP7 program, and been tested using a large waves energy mechanical simulator, specially designed and built for the purpose by the University of Oulu (Finland).

Agt Engineering is the inventor of the concept, and has played an engineering support role in the design of the system and the evaluation of its results.




Athena is a project funded by the Italian Defence Ministry for the development of a very light, wearable electric generator powered by gaseous hydrogen, to supply the warfare electronics on board a soldier in mission or on an observing vehicle, allowing a significant power generation with very low acoustic and thermal signatures.

Athena produces its own hydrogen by a reaction of chemical hydrides and water in a specially designed reactor, converting the hydrogen into electricity through a silent and efficient fuel cell system.

Agt Engineering has coordinated the dimensioning of the Fuel Cell power system and its integration with the other elements of the power chain.



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