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Cannula for the assisted blood circulation in heart surgery emergency

ReCoFlow is a 3D printed cannula tip for ECMO (ExtraCorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) applications. ECMO is a technique for the assisted blood circulation in emergency heart surgery.


ReCoFlow is a patented geometry to control the forward and reverse blood flows coming from the extracorporeal circulation machine after the insertion the cannula into the aorta. ReCoFlow is manufactured through the most advanced 3D printing techniques to achieve and control a complexity of fluid dynamic functions without moving parts.


Modular, electric, remote controlled and self-driving wheelchair manufactured by 3D printing

MIURA is an Atlantica SpA product developed for a MIL R&D project. Atlantica has asked Agt its services for part of the engineering, 3D printing manufacture, electronic integration, remote control and drive, assembling and testing of the vehicle.


MIURA is a modular wheelchair made of a base unit and three modules: offroad, snow and stairs. The quick installation of a module allows the vehicle to be fit to each specific operational requirement. Each module has been manufactured using the latest technologies in 3D printing.


Among various modes, the application of a stretcher allows to recover and drive back an injured patient in a dangerous location, driving him back to the main base, following exactly the same course MIURA had travelled to collect him.

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