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Artificial Intelligence A.I.



A system to identify, alert and join Companies complementary by product, process or market areas

ISAAC is an AI-based system developed to scout the Companies social media (website, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc), extract the Company identifying features, analyse and weigh them with a semantic deep engine.

The results obtained are ordered in a multidimensional space, exactly describing and positioning each Company, this way creating a specific database.

The database library can then be queried to obtain associations of Companies by affinity or integration, allowing:

  • Companies, positioned anywhere in the world, to couple their mutual capabilities into new, consequential products;
  • Match groups or clusters of Companies to identify their matching position and capabilities on a synthetic basis, for the International Institutions or Associations use. ISAAC has been specialised to the Aerospace Companies to start with, and loaded with >1,000 Italian and European Aerospace Companies, Associations and Clusters.
  • Isaac can work on any Group or Category of Companies, and can self.create specific Groups scouting and analysing big data.

    Isaac has been fully developed in Agt Engineering with the assistance of Lazio Innova and a Team of specialized experts steered by Prof. Sergio Bolasco and Dr. Ing. Ugo Franzoni.


    A system to identify, alert and join Companies complementary by product, process or market areas

    PMA (Product Maturity Assessment) is a procedure developed to evaluate the positioning of an innovative product, process or service.

    PMA is a 9-levels scale (as the NASA TRL) but, in addition to the technical evaluation, analyses the product maturity on the basis of four fundamental parameters:

  • technical maturity
  • process feasibility and cost
  • marketing and sales strength
  • financial requirements.

    All these values are scored, analysed and then then merged into a synthetic score and detailed report, to allow the evaluation of the real readiness of the product, process or service to be manufactured and marketed. It can be extended to evaluate the start-up Companies, their business model and their products.

    PMA has been developed in Agt Engineering in partnership with Dr. Ing. Ugo Franzoni and Dr. Paolo Masciarri

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