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Green Air is a Public-Pivate Partnership Project between the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and Agt Engineering to deployment two experiments carried on board of the International Space Station:

ICE (Internal Combustion Experiment) is the characterization and modelling of biofuels in microgravity to create an ideal burning reference for earth-used combustion chambers optimization.

Diapason is an instrument to capture air nanoparticles to obtain information on the microparticles on board the air of the International Space Station. Diapason works on the principle of thermoforesis, that can be tuned to work in standard earth-gravity conditions.

Both the experiments were carried on by the Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano in his “Volare” mission.

The data obtained in ICE are currently being studied by the CNR-IMM to prepare a second round whose feasibility will be evaluated together wits ASI and NASA.




Hopip (Heritage Observation and Prediction via Image Processing) is a virtual reality system to monitor and protect the Cultural Heritage sites through the data obtained from a satellite constellation network, to obtain for each site a georeferenced observation in the optical, infrared and radar bands. Drawings and land observation data, including data from drones, can be added to the analysis.

Once collected, the data are fused and processed into one single virtual platform, allowing physical and mathematical simulations of the stability and the risk management of the observed monument, building or site.

HOPIP allows the periodical observation of each site, for the updating of all the related data and its trends in time, for predictive analysis and relevant remedies.

HOPIP has been jointly funded by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Israel and Italy, within an International cooperation program.

Agt Engineering is the co-inventor of the concept, has selected a cultural heritage test site in the area of L’Aquila, and has run the tests and analysis of the data obtained by the Cosmos Sky Med satellites constellation through an agreement with the Italian Space Agency.



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