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Agt Engineering and IST – Innovative Steam Technologies of Cambridge, Ontario (Canada), have signed a cooperation agreement to market the IST products in Italy and Germany.

Part of the to the Canadian Group Propak, Innovative Steam Technologies (IST) has been finding a better way to recover and utilize lost gas turbine heat for the Power Gen industry for 20 years.

Using its Once Through Heat Recovery Steam Generators (OTSG), the ultra-modular, compact  IST systems provide unique benefits in these applications:

Combined Cycle
Gas Turbine Injection (GTI)
Enhanced Oil Recovery

The IST systems achieve an outstanding 90% steam quality, allowing important energy savings and lower operating costs compared to the traditional steam boiler units. Over 200 units are installed today in >15 Countries and Offshore fields worldwide.

The cooperation between IST and AGT is expected to improve the marketing of the systems worldwide, through the European Gas Turbine and OEM manufacturers, and also through the Engineering companies, who design the plants and  specify the equipment, operating from Europe all over the world.