High Performance Windows and Transparencies

Rail Windshields and Passenger windows for High Speed Trains, Regional Trains, Locomotives, Carriages, Metro and Tram cars. Flat, single and double curved, Monolith or Double Glazed, Ultralarge size, Framed and unframed. Large frame factory inclusive of powder and liquid painting, production chain completely inhouse.

Solar and Elechtrochromic windows.

Special laser machines for laser etching the window coatings, for the selective blocking of communication frequencies.

OLED multifunctional passenger window, used as normal window and, at the same time under command, display for the projection of the train route, passenger information, media content, touch screen device, with tunable transparency.

Transparencies with solar and electrochromic capabilities

Fire resistant glasses and windows for marine vessels and superyachts

Interior structural components. Complete floor systems.

Rail and Bus Floor systems and panels, in extremely light construction and large size, pressed or laminated under vacuum, using the aviation autoclaves among the largest in Europe, for ultralarge parts, up to a maximum of 15 x 3 meters size.

Heated floor systems embedded in the laminate, continuous, workable, powered until 400 V 3Ph, heating intensity up to 2 kW/m2, shaped and embedded in the composite parts.

Luggage racks, rail interior components in Carbon fibre, Composite hybrid panels made in Al alloys and polymer foams, with inhouse pickling of the Al plates.

Interior components

Rail and Bus Thermoplastic parts in single pieces, manufactured under vacuum, in a variety of materials, including PEEK.

Formed polymers, foams.

Complete reconditioning of railcar seats, including electric driven and composite seats, replacing the polymeric parts and the foams and reconditioning the mechanical parts


GRP Parts, in large and complex shapes.

Repair, Recondition and Remanufacture of Electronic, Electromechanical and Mechanical systems for rail traction and ancillaries, and marine propulsion and power generation

Analysis, reconditioning and repair of traction and power components through advanced diagnostics and reverse engineering.

Remanufacture of systems, parts or subcomponents made of obsolete or non-traceable parts, redesigning their functionality using modern and available components.

Analysis, reconditioning and repair of electronic control boards through reverse engineering.

Design and manufacture of new components to emulate and reproduce the functionality of the ones damaged beyond repair, through reverse engineering and redesign.

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Thermoplastic components

Thermoplastic components and thermoplastic based systems qualified at EN 45 545 (Europe) and ASTM E 162, E662, SMP-800C (USA).

Green, recyclable materials.

Infused Imaging embedded into the parts.

Antimicrobial plastics and Antibacterial surfaces

Doors, windows, seat frames

Rail passenger window frames, complete passenger windows, doors and handles, mechanical systems.

Eligible for Buy America under the Buy America Act, Section 165, Title 49, U.S. Code §5323

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