Energy Generation and Distribution

Industrial Pumps and Gas Turbine Flow Dividers

Fuel pumps and pump systems for fuel oil fired industrial and Frame Gas Turbines

Linear and circular liquid fuel flow dividers for gas turbines.

Special pumps and pump systems for industrial applications.

Ancillary systems for power stations

Oil-Water separation systems for power transformers and distribution stations. Water leakage detection systems. Flood barriers for industrial protection.

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Repair, Recondition and Remanufacture of Electronic, Electromechanical and Mechanical industrial systems and components

Analysis, reconditioning and repair of solar and wind power boards, control systems and power components including advanced diagnostics and reverse engineering.

Remanufacture of boards, systems, components and subcomponents made of obsolete or non-traceable parts, redesigning their functionality using modern and available components.

Analysis, reconditioning and repair of electronic control boards through reverse engineering.

Design and manufacture of new components to emulate and reproduce the functionality of the ones damaged beyond repair, through reverse engineering and redesign.

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Precision Investment castings

Titanium, Stainless Steel and Aluminum alloys castings for structural parts including power generation Frame turbine engine housings, inlet components, cases and frames

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Alloys and Superalloys cold formed products

Industrial turbine hot and cold sections metal parts manufactured by sheet metal forming, hot spinning, hydroforming and roll forming details and assemblies. Combustor baffles and liners, turbo engine lobes and other internal parts.

Parts fabricated in high temperature alloys, Inconel alloys, Titanium based alloys, stainless steel of various grades

Spinned and hydroformed components for aero engines

Fabrications for industrial engine components including roll forming, spinning and hydro forming parts including titanium hot spinning, stamping and machining and including onsite design, tooling and fixture manufacturing.