Precision Investment castings

Titanium, Stainless Steel and Aluminum alloys castings for structural parts including aircraft turbine engine gearbox housings, cases, inlet components.

Alloys and Superalloys cold formed products

Aero engine hot and cold sections metal parts manufactured by sheet metal forming, hot spinning, hydroforming and roll forming details and assemblies. Combustor baffles and liners, turbo engine lobes and other internal parts.

Parts fabricated in high temperature alloys, Inconel alloys, Titanium based alloys, stainless steel of various grades

Spinned and hydroformed components for aero engines

Fabrications for aero engine components including roll forming, spinning and hydro forming parts for aero engines including titanium hot spinning, stamping and machining and including onsite design, tooling and fixture manufacturing

Thermoplastic components

Thermoplastic components and thermoplastic based systems for aircraft interior panels, galleys and kitchen, seat components.

Infused Imaging embedded into the parts.

Antimicrobial plastics and Antibacterial surfaces

Aircraft Interior spare parts and replacements

Global approved supplier by Boeing, Airbus, GE, P&W for:

Lamps for aircraft interiors.

Oil and Hydraulic fluids Filtration Kits.

Cargo special components.

Fuel Pumps, Housings, Oil Pumps, Bodies, Manifolds, Seating Surfaces.

Electronic systems and controls

Windshield Heating sensors and controllers to probe and maintain the safety conditions in aircraft and helicopter windshields. Electronic controllers for the early identification of icing in an helicopter flightpath. Power inverter controls.

Aircraft and Helicopter Windshields and Passenger Windows

Heated windshields for civil aircrafts and helicopters.

Acrylic passenger windows for civil aircrafts.

Inhouse design, testing and Bird Impact Testing availability

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