3D Printing

Agt Labs is the AGT Engineering Business Unit specialized in developing systems and products through 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing technologies.

Agt Labs runs a farm of manufacturing machines and a has a network of international partners to cover most of the applications in polymer, metal alloys and composite materials for a vast array of industrial and special projects.

Agt Labs is especially capable to identify and select Natural, Recyclable and Biodegradable materials applied to new projects or to retrofit existing components and systems.

Agt Labs works on Customer projects and products, and develops its own line of special products for targeted applications.


We offer each Customer the choice of a wide array of services and activities:

  • Print components and systems under Customer design, including reverse engineering and 3D scanning of parts and complex components, assisting in the selection and choice of the best materials for each specific purpose.
  • Design of components and systems for specific Customer projects and needs, maximizing the advantages of the 3D printing technologies, and subsequent manufacture of the parts, including the assembly of the systems when required.
  • Structuring of complete 3D printing systems at a Customer premise. The offer can be tailored to each application, including:
    • Selection of the machine/s
    • Customization of the machines, ancillaries and softwares
    • Installation
    • Integration with the other machines and processes
    • Start-up and set up of the production
    • Training of the Customer personnel
    • Service and maintenance
    • Customer follow-up for the introduction of new materials and the identification of the potential and innovation achievable through the use of the machines and the 3D printing technologies.

This way, our Customers can implement the 3D Printing into their processes gradually, following their technical and financing needs, maintaining the full freedom to get to the next level when they want and they can.